Inspection Fees

The fee is usually the first question a buyer asks, but the inspector’s experience and certification should be the first question without a doubt. The age and size of the home or commercial building is the determining factor. Companies which charge very low fees are associated with the fact they do numerous inspections per day. With that in mind take a guess what the quality of the inspection will be?

People generally pay a Realtor 3% of the selling price to write a contract, which costs thousands. I inspect homes and commercial buildings to save you thousands in repair costs.

Call me and I will give a quote which is competitive to other companies, who have inspectors that are fully insured, State, and ASHI certified. Inspection reports are in plain English so you understand what problems are found, with color pictures of the concerns in the report. I have built/remodeled my own home; this experience is incorporated into the inspection and report.

Note: If you are shopping solely on price, you will find we are not the least expensive. We however exceed both state and national standards and we stand behind our work. Contact us via phone or email and we will share a report with you and show you the difference. All home inspections are not the same! We SHINE!

You may pay a little more for our service, but with a huge investment like a home or business, you want the best possible inspection. Repairs are costly and why not use someone else’s money to make the repairs instead of your own?